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About Passion Flowers


At Passion Flowers, we give you personalized service, with unique and beautiful floral arrangements.

Olga Adriana, owner of Passion Flowers, is inspired by modern art and the beauty of nature. We combine different design techniques, including classic, contemporary, ikebana, monochromatic and traditional, to create innovative and customized floral art.

Olga Adriana enjoys taking time to know each of her customers so she can provide them with the most beautiful flower designs that are inspired by their own unique tastes and needs.


About Olga Adriana

Olga Adriana’s design influences come together through her life’s journey.  She was born in Mexico and has lived in the Philippines, Texas and now in California. Her travels have also taken her to places like Europe, India, Brazil, Thailand and Singapore.  Olga Adriana has a background in Marketing, Finance, Interior Design, and Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology.  Her broad education and exposure to the world have deeply influenced her art and shaped her into an open & multicultural person.  She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Olga Adriana has a strong knowledge in the use of color, balance & texture, bringing these elements in unison into a beautiful piece of art.   She has been in the flower business since 1994 when she founded the first flower company that produced freeze dried flowers in Mexico. She has been involved in the flower business ever since.

Olga Adriana finds her most creative inspirations in the art and practice of meditation. “Interestingly, I have discovered that using meditation within my work, helps me connect with an incredible creative force.  I deeply study my clients’ needs, and then practice meditation techniques that I have learned over 12 years.  I’m amazed at the inspiration that results from this practice.”